Template management with DOCUNIZE™ saves time and money. And this at every single workplace.<! –more–>

Where is the current version of the fax template? Does the letter comply with CI guidelines? Where is the process instruction for the production process?

A new letter. And enter the same data every time?

You can put an end to such and similarly inefficient, time-consuming actions with immediate effect. With DOCUNIZE™. This intelligent template management system simplifies the administration of company-specific templates, minimizes the search effort, ensures automatic access to the latest version and ensures a consistent appearance of your company both internally and externally.
Less administration effort thanks to modular templates
With DOCUNIZE™ you can define text modules (“snippets”) that you can use multiple times in templates. For example, a footer with a company signature is defined only once and then used in any number of templates. Changes in the board of directors or in the company name – a corresponding update of the footer text module is sufficient and all relevant templates are back on the new status! Templates can even be defined as multi-language versions using text modules.

DOCUNIZE™ allows administrators to integrate dynamic content and fields into the document template – without any programming. For example, the templates can be provided with variables based on the user profile or the user’s location. Optionally, Microsoft ActiveDirectory can be connected via an integrated interface to provide field contents.

No flood of different versions of templates! With a systematic template management by DOCUNIZE™ you centrally control the integration of new or the maintenance of existing document templates. This means that all employees, no matter in which branch or at which location, have immediate access to the current, approved document and form templates.

DOCUNIZE™ is also ideal for mobile users and external employees. As soon as, for example, a sales representative logs into the company network with his notebook, the document templates are automatically updated. And this with a sophisticated synchronization mechanism.

With DOCUNIZE™ you can organize your documents and templates by business or functional areas, departments, categories, etc. If required, the employee can control template accesses and signatures using profiles so that he or she can have the template selection and fields that are relevant in his or her current role filled exactly as required (for example, if secretariats fulfill several functional areas and require different signatures).

With DOCUNIZE™ templates can be sorted by business areas, departments, categories, etc. and thus be found more easily. Each employee receives a personalized preselection of templates that is relevant to him or her. This increases clarity and at the same time minimizes the search effort.

DOCUNIZE™ automatically draws individual user profile fields or signature data into the template. This saves the user from having to enter personal data such as address, telephone number, e-mail,…..

DOCUNIZE™ is ideal for global companies. Document and frontend languages can be set separately. Templates can easily be made multilingual – simply translate and integrate text into any language. No developer know-how required

DOCUNIZE™ uses the latest technologies from Microsoft. The template management system supports Office Open XML Format (OOXML), the features of this open format are fully utilized!