Templates from a single mould

    A new generation of digital template management

    No more constant searching for the right templates. We want you to be able to concentrate on the essentials. DOCUNIZE™ makes work easier and automates your tasks – do more with less.

    The PLUS for template admins

    Less effort, quick changes, fewer templates

    DOCUNIZE™ works with modular templates. Templates, mail signatures and profile fields are centrally integrated and administered. DOCUNIZE™ puts an end to redundant templates or different versions.

    Successful in customer service

    Our References – A Strong Proof of Quality

    DOCUNIZE™ is used successfully. From medium-sized and global companies. Independent of the industry! All have one thing in common. They practice professional template management with DOCUNIZE™.

Manage Office 365 templates, documents, presentations and e-mail signatures professionally, company-wide uniformly, effectively and simply.

Template Management for Office 365



A new Generation of Digital Template Management

Find out how you can use your Office even more effectively with the intelligent template management system DOCUNIZE™ for Office.​

​For more user productivity – Simple and effective

DOCUNIZE™ supports users in their daily work with documents, slides, mails, images and other digital data. The central administration of templates and the use of simple text modules, so-called snippets, facilitate the administration of dynamic content without programming.​

Structured and multilingual templates

With DOCUNIZE™ you can reduce the number of document templates, structure them and make it easier for your users to find the right templates. ​

Transparent und Compliant​

With DOCUNIZE™ you always keep the overview, make uniform document templates available and increase at the same time the productivity in handling Office 365.

Learn More about template management

A new Generation of Digital Mail Signatures

You know this: You receive e-mails from customers, business partners and colleagues. Everyone always looks a little different. In addition, marketing campaigns are usually not included, because it is a considerable effort for the administration.

Find out how you can use your Outlook even more effectively for targeted marketing activities with the intelligent e-mail signature system from DOCUNIZE™.​

For always compliant and personalized email signatures and templates

With DOCUNIZE™ you reliably comply with the company’s requirements for e-mail signatures. The central administration, which is usually carried out by the template editor, enables you to personalize e-mail signatures via the Active Directory and at the same time comply with CI specifications.

Perfect interaction with Office products

Use the DOCUNIZE™ e-mail signatures to support personalized e-mail marketing and increase productivity with Office 365. nesciunt.

Find out more about e-mail signatures here

Prepared for the Future – with an Intelligent Template Management System

Benefit from an intelligent template management system that is fully integrated into Office 365, enabling you to tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities flexibly, quickly and effectively. The advantages at a glance:

Simple, flexible and modular templates for the digital age​

Use the template management solution DOCUNIZE™ for Office 365 in your company and benefit from a flexible, modular solution that delivers uniform and accurate documents from all Office applications in the shortest possible time.

Effective for all tasks of your employees​

DOCUNIZE™ supports your users, reduces searches, automates important functions of template management and document creation. This speeds up the creation process and improves quality.

Next Generation Template Management Processes​

Benefit from an integrated template management system in Office 365 that makes it easier for employees to collaborate, make more effective decisions, and more productively unlock new potential.​

more about your benefits here


We support your employees to get the full potential from your Office 365 solution.


DOCUNIZE™ is seamlessly integrated into Office and uses existing interfaces. This means that you simply start your daily work by clicking on the Start icon or the Favorites icon in the start ribbon.


Effective tools help you to create new templates, distribute and edit new documents, e-mails or your PowerPoint slides. This shortens change processes and all employees save valuable time every day when working with Office.


DOCUNIZE™ gives your office documents, such as Word or PowerPoint, as well as e-mails a unified look. This ensures brand identity (CI) as well as legally required specifications.

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