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Central e-mail signatures with DOCUNIZE™

The solution for CI/CD compliant e-mail signatures and absence messages.

To ensure a consistent corporate image, your users always have access to the latest e-mail signatures and out-of-office messages in Outlook. Timed marketing campaigns ensure that your message gets out there. 


Easily manage e-mail signatures for compliance and actuality

Centralized deployment.

For each employee, the e-mail signatures centrally designed with DOCUNIZE™ are made available in Microsoft Outlook. The e-mail signatures can be individually assigned, e.g. according to company divisions as well as freely definable hierarchical master data (company structure). Do you need your signature in Spanish as well, or are you composing the e-mail on behalf of your boss? No problem: Multiple signatures can be created per user. Predefinable absence messages also contribute to compliance. When the corporate identity changes, the e-mail signatures can be updated centrally and made quickly available to all users.

Professionel marketing.

Take your brand management to a new level. Scheduled e-mail campaigns add relevant images, event announcements or product launches to your colleagues’ signatures. With DOCUNIZE™ you gain a new tool for increased marketing activities.

Integrated and flexibly adaptable.

Signatures are fully personalized via profile fields so that individual personal details are displayed correctly. The Active Directory (user profile) and the OWA (Web Access Support) are used. All e-mail formats (HTML-RTF-Plain) are considered and that without plug-ins.

Central control of e-mail signatures

Schedule campaigns (signature as a marketing tool)

Possibility to create absence notes

Uniform corporate identity through identical structure

Automatic filling of personal data fields (name, position, phone number, etc.)

Multiple signatures per user to choose from (e.g.: in other languages)

Create e-mail signatures for your DOCUNIZE™ profiles with our solution.

For different organizational units (different brands, subsidiaries, locations, etc.) you can design multiple signatures as an administrator.

You can also use DOCUNIZE™ to specify who else needs to sign documents. This ensures that your documents always comply with legal requirements. 

Since this information is stored in the DOCUNIZE™ profile, you can map different constellations of signature regulation.

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