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Central template management in Microsoft Office 365

A consistent appearance through CI-compliant templates.

Support brand management with a solution to distribute changes quickly and easily. Your users will enjoy being able to work with the latest templates at all times. Avoid uncertainties, focus on the essentials..

Template Management - Administrator

A holistic approach for Office template management

Here, thoughts on promoting the brand, improving efficiency in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), as well as specifications from the company and the authorities play an important role.

The template management solution DOCUNIZE™ can support you. It is seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Office and based on current technologies.

You make template management processes such as the creation, modification and distribution of Office documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides much easier or automate them. This makes it easier for users to do their  daily work with DOCUNIZE™. The search effort is minimized and you ensure a consistent appearance of your company internally and externally.

You fulfill requirements of management, marketing, IT as well as your colleagues, such as creating or changing documents or e-mail signatures. Another advantage is that the distribution of the new templates can be done with just a few mouse clicks, even after changes have been made.

This allows employees to get back to what should be their focus on when working with Microsoft Office: Working on simple and compelling content.

Centralized management for maximum efficiency and compliance

Does this sound familiar to you? You are looking for a specific template or have revised all templates with the new logo. Now there are further change requests from the management board. This means a number of new tasks: You have to rework the changes so as not to run the risk of incorrect document templates entering circulation or even being used.

Brand management for your company’s corporate identity is irreplaceable. Template management helps you focus on designing content for your company. Sit back when external people get to see your PowerPoint slides. Because you know: The most up-to-date template is used and contributes to the recognition value of your company. 

With DOCUNIZE™ you bring office template management, efficiency and economy while working with office in line. How does it work?

We organize template management with its templates, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, e-mail templates, images, etc. in modular elements and keep them in a central database. The elements are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office and its processes. This makes template management a reliable part of your value chain.

DOCUNIZE™ – The advantages

The advantages

For all users

For Office users

Structured and personalized templates.

With DOCUNIZE™, templates, business units, departments and other categories can be organized and thus found more easily. Employees are shown a personalized selection of templates. This increases transparency and at the same time minimizes the search effort.

By storing information centrally, processes can be automated. Personalized, recurring information, such as name, e-mail, phone are taken from profiles or Active Directory to create documents, which improves quality and speeds up creation. This allows colleagues to focus on what matters most – creating new documents and compelling content. 

Filter, favourites and search functions reduce the search effort and contribute to an optimal overview of your templates.

For marketing

For the marketing

Put an end to version floods of non-compliant templates. Successful brand management with DOCUNIZE™.              

With the software, you simplify and accelerate creation, modification and distribution processes.  With just a mouse click and without any programming knowledge, you can create document modules and templates that can be made available to your colleagues at any time.

E-mail signature campaigns can appear for a defined period of time. These can be, for example, announcements for events or a product launches.     

Employees, no matter where they work, always have up-to-date templates with DOCUNIZE™ and can create new documents quickly and comfortably. This reduces the number of templates and avoids redundancies and tedious searching. And you avoid the distribution and usage of non-conforming specifications, but contribute to a consistent corporate design. 

For editiors

Für administrators

Dynamic content without programming.

DOCUNIZE™ provides administrators with options to integrate dynamic content and fields into the document template – completely without programming with VBA macro-free templates. Documents can be given variables based on the user profile or the location in the simplest way. Optionally, the Active Directory can be connected via an integrated interface to provide field contents.

Overall, this saves time and costs in the creation and maintenance.

For IT specialists

For the IT

DOCUNIZE™ is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).

Content is managed centrally so that colleagues can concentrate on the essentials – creating new documents and compelling content. With DOCUNIZE™, the specialist departments maintain the updates, templates and other content elements. This relieves the IT department.

Always secure – whether cloud-based or locally installed – DOCUNIZE™ stands for confidentiality, security due to its functions (integration and VBA-free programming) and, when operated in the MS Azure Cloud, for maximum availability. 

Focus on the essentials

Automatic data synchronisation for mobile users

DOCUNIZE™ is also ideal for mobile users and external employees. For example, as soon as an external employee logs into the company network with his notebook, the document templates are automatically updated. And that with a intelligent synchronisation mechanism.

Efficient, effective and structured access to templates

Organise your documents and templates by business or functional area, department and other categories. The employee receives exactly the template selection and fields filled that are relevant in his/her role (e.g. if secretaries process several functional areas/need signatures).

capability for template control

DOCUNIZE™ is ideal for companies working internationally. Document and frontend language can be set separately. Templates can be made multilingual – simply translate text into any language. And all this without any developer expertise.

Future-proof through proven Microsoft technology

The DOCUNIZE™ template management system is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office. It is based on the latest Microsoft technologies and supports Office Open XML Format (OOXML) for maximum interoperability. Web-based interfaces allow the integration of template management into other applications, such as the company’s ERP, CRM or DMS systems. 

The implementation is just as simple as the creation and modification of templates. This is limited to the integration into an SQL server and the setting of the programme files in a target directory. Interventions in existing systems are not necessary. 


DOCUNIZE™ extends Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Database based, optimised offline mode, reduced network traffic

Easy deployment into your IT infrastructure

Optional application server for browser-based access

Microsoft Office 365

System requirements

Office 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 Office 365 Supp ort im Semi-Anual-Channel Kompatibel mit aktuellen Windows-Versionen, Citrix und Terminal-Server SQL Server oder SQL Server Express Reporting & Analyse, Replikation,SkalierbarkeitOffice 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 Office 365 Support in Semi-Anual Channel Compatible with current Windows versions, Citrix and Terminal Server SQL Server or SQL Server Express Reporting & Analysis, Replication, Scalability Microsoft Windows


Webservice interfaces (APIs)

Any connections to
CRM- DMS- and ERP-systems
(e.g. SAP, Oracle)
are possible on request.

Integration in specialised applications

Microsoft .NET Framework

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