Go for a software that evolves with you.

The new release: DOCUNIZE™ 2022. 

Paving the way for digital transformation.


DOCUNIZE™ 2022 offers you more safety, simplicity and comfort. 

Our path into the cloud

More and more companies are relying on solutions in the cloud. We listen to you, we keep up-tp-date to provide you with  DOCUNIZE™as an efficient solution for document creation, template management and corporate design support. For the version 2022,the Docunauts have been working intensively on your ideas and current needs over the last few months. 

Technologically there are extensive changes with  DOCUNIZE™2022 that offer great advantages for daily use. Whether you continue hosting  DOCUNIZE™in your own data center (on-prem) or want to outsource to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Whatever your decision is:  DOCUNIZE™ is the flexible solution that adapts to the needs of yours users and your future IT.

Discover the new features of DOCUNIZE™ 2022.

More comfort, stability and safety.

It should not go unmentioned that in addition to the major function updates, we have also continued to work on the comfort, stability and security of DOCUNIZE™. This includes, for example, error corrections in the handling of text modules or the possibility for users to reset their profile or settings. 


Template synchronization in the new version can be done via standard web interfaces (HTTPS). This simplifies the implementation of DOCUNIZE™, increases security and allows access to the latest templates outside the corporate network without an additional VPN connection. This way, users always have the latest templates available locally, on the go. This offers template editors and administrators new convenience when editing templates, as they also benefit from the new access technology. 

WebSync also paves the way for hosting DOCUNIZE™ in your own cloud.

Outlook Roaming Signatures

Users of the Office Beta Channel or Outlook online may already have come into contact with the new Roaming Signatures feature. We already informed our customers some time ago that this feature may have an impact on the provision of signatures with DOCUNIZE™. In DOCUNIZE™ 2022, support for this feature is now prepared.  

For detailed information, please visit our customer portal or contact us at hello@docunize.com.

DOCUNIZE™ 2022 -
a release of inner values

Further steps are already being developed and designed to make DOCUNIZE™ fit for the office future. To do this, the product team also involves you and listens to what you expect and want from DOCUNIZE™. Are you interested in sharing your requirements with the team? We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to the new version.


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