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Intelligent, automated document creation with DOCUNIZE™

Simply effective – automate recurring task

A lot of information is already available in the company, it just needs to be brought together. Give your employees text blocks that are needed again and again.

Automate the creation of documents with DOCUNIZE™.



Document creation in your company.

You work in human resources and need to create an employment contract. You open your File Explorer and search for the appropriate template. But in which folder was the contract again? And besides, the colleague has recently created a new version.

Then rather use an already existing document, delete the contents and add the new ones. 

Summa summarum: You spend a lot of time finding the right template and run the risk of not using the latest version for document creation. Does this scenario sound familiar?

But what if you could create a document in 2 minutes?

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How does DOCUNIZE™ create intelligent documents?

  • Automatic filling of profile fields (e.g.: information such as the title or name) and location fields (e.g.: addresses, bank details or managing director).

  • Quick access to templates through the favorites icon

  • Usage of text modules assigned to the template and adapted to your requirements

  • Save, share and store the finished documents wherever you want

  • Seamless integration to solutions already in use (e.g.: connection to Active Directory)

  • Usage of compliant templates (Word, PowerPoint template, fonts, colors, formatting, bullets).

  • Creation of documents (letter, invoice, customer contracts or job references) with just a few mouse clicks

Text modules for quick document creation.

With DOCUNIZE™ it is possible to create text modules for the DOCUNIZE™ Word templates. The end user decides which text modul should be inserted into the finished template. Our customers use text modules for expert opinions, letters or flyers. 

There are  two differentversions in how to use text modules in your document  : On the one hand, the DOCUNIZE™ administrator can set a fixed position in the template where the end user can select a text module from a fixed group.  On the other hand, each text module can be assigned to one or more templates and inserted as often as desired at any position in the finished document.

Analogous to DOCUNIZE™ snippets, each text module has a feature that indicates for which languages it is available. For different languages, different versions can be created for a text module, so that the DOCUNIZE™ multilingual function can also be mapped at the text module level.

Intelligente Dokumentenerstellung mit DOCUNIZE™
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