DOCUNIZE™ at Pabst Transport

Claim for best performance also in template management

We deliver best performance”. With this performance promise, the family-owned company Pabst Transport has been successfully asserting itself on the market for more than 60 years. However, the demand for best performance also applies when it comes to the selection of the work tools used internally. This also applies to the template management system.

The medium-sized company based in Gochsheim – in the logistical heart of Germany – covers all parts of the complex logistics chain, from procurement logistics to distribution logistics and warehousing. With the two business segments of transport and warehouse logistics, the company has also positioned itself for the future in a crisis-proof manner. The trigger: too much administrative effort

The trigger: too much administrative effort

The requirement for a professional template management system was triggered by Andreas Wagner, who is responsible for IT/organisation quality management at Pabst Transport. “Due to the growing number of employees, the personal templates in particular had increased more and more, and with them the administrative effort. In the course of process optimisation, the opportunity costs for pure template administration simply became too high,” says Andreas Wagner, explaining the decision to procure a software-supported solution for template management. The future system should therefore reduce the administrative effort and at the same time provide staff with a convenient solution to quickly access the current templates.

Evaluation – DOCUNIZE™ has no alternative

The evaluation process was approached very pragmatically. An online search was conducted to find suitable solutions. The result: only DOCUNIZE™ seemed to meet the relevant requirements. Pabst Transport’s partner companies did not have a suitable solution for template management either. So an appointment was made for a DOCUNIZE™ online presentation. Andreas Wagner reports on his first impression: “During the presentation it became immediately clear that DOCUNIZE™ does exactly what we wanted. So the decision was made quite quickly.

Record-breaking! From initial contact to go live in just 2 months

From the “quick squad” – quickly decided, introduced in record time. From the initial contact to the use of DOCUNIZE™, just 2 months passed. This was made possible, among other things, because there was basically no real alternative to DOCUNIZE™ on the market and the decision to buy was made very quickly. There was also no hesitation in the implementation. “We went live immediately without a test phase. First, all general templates were integrated. Afterwards, every employee received a 20-minute short training and then the department-specific templates of the entire company were also migrated,” Andreas Wagner summarises.

The template management process at Pabst Transport

In principle, the existing template management process did not have to be organised differently due to the introduction of DOCUNIZE™. The template content is still created directly in the respective departments. Once the content has been approved, the look and form of the templates are determined, implemented and released via Mr Wagner.
Cloud computing is in use at Pabst Transport. Thanks to the cloud-ready functionality of DOCUNIZE™, employees can access the current templates online from anywhere.

Objectives for the future

Currently, the mail templates at Pabst Transport are still controlled via another programme. An integration of these mail templates in DOCUNIZE™ – following the “model” of Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates – is at the top of the  wish list.
An integration of such templates is also planned for the future, for which only certain employees are to have access authorisation.
There is currently a DOCUNIZE™ interface to the Active Directory. A connection to the company’s forwarding software is conceivable for the more distant future.


Head of IT/Organisation and Quality Management at Pabst Transport

Our main requirement for the new system was to reduce the administrative effort for managing and updating templates to a minimum. This has been achieved with DOCUNIZE™. We have about 300 templates in use so far. However, the trend here is still rising, as DOCUNIZE™ now makes it much easier and more convenient to create personal templates and also keep them up to date. In conclusion, I can say: From the introduction to the implementation and working with DOCUNIZE™, everything went very smoothly.

Pabst Transport

Approx. 570 employees, including
approx. 120 template users

Located in Gochsheim
Production site in Kürnach and
17 external locations spread across Germany

Approx. 300 templates, tendency increasing

Microsoft Word and Excel templates, PowerPoint templates are still being integrated

Online access to templates via the cloud – thanks to cloud ready functionality of DOCUNIZE™.


Burghausen (Hauptsitz)
Gewerbepark Lindach A 12
84489 Burghausen

Wesel (Niederlassung)
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 115
46485 Wesel-Obrighoven


+49 8677 9747-0

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