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Business environment, industry, company size, legal form – all different. But they all have one thing in common. They rely on DOCUNIZE™ for template management.


DOCUNIZE™ Customers

Read why these customers chose DOCUNIZE™ for their products.

DOCUNIZE™ at Pabst Transport

“We deliver best performance”. With this performance promise, the family-owned company Pabst Transport has been successfully asserting itself on the market for more than 60 years. However, the claim to top performance also applies when it comes to selecting the tools used internally. This also applies to the template management system. 

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Template management at Galenica

“Before the introduction of DOCUNIZE™, our template management process was very time-consuming and resource-intensive. The process time for updating or creating a new template was 2 months,” says Christine Codourey, responsible for digital media at Galenica.

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Central control of template management across 3 continents

Aareal Bank also relies on a specialist when it comes to company-wide template management – the professional template management system DOCUNIZE™: “With DOCUNIZE™ we can update changes to templates immediately and simultaneously for all locations.”

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Aareal Bank Group
TEVA ratiopharm

Template Management at Teva

When it came to template management, Teva had a pain that could not be solved with a medication from her own company. COC AG’s template management system DOCUNIZE™ helped to improve the situation. And this also at good prices.

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Wild growth adé – Welcome DOCUNIZE™

With this target profile, Xmedia set out in June 2008 to search for a suitable system. “Thanks to Google,” says Mr. Grand, the search quickly led to DOCUNIZE™, an in-house development by IT service provider COC AG. Two competitors were also examined in detail.

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Get to know the DOCUNIZE™ partner network

for best synergy effects

We live and cultivate partnerships – wherever it makes sense. With manufacturers of document management systems and, of course, with Microsoft as the technological basis for the Office templates.
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