Template management? There’s something from DOCUNIZE™.

Doing everything in its power to make medicines of the highest quality available worldwide and thus significantly improve the quality of life of patients is the claim of the pharmaceutical company Teva. With ratiopharm as Germany’s top-selling brand, Teva can look back on more than 100 years of experience in pharmaceutical production in Germany alone.

On the issue of template management, Teva had a pain that could not be fixed with an in-house drug. Here, the DOCUNIZE™ template management system from COC AG provided a good remedy. And that too at good prices.

Since 2010, the drug brand ratiopharm has been part of the globally active Teva Group.

Located in Ulm. There are further locations in Berlin and Blaubeuren/Weiler. In Germany, Teva employs around 3,100 people. About 1,600 of the employees in Germany work in production and quality assurance.

The initial situation – many users, many templates, several logos

Several locations and hundreds of company templates – in this constellation, the topic of template management has always been present. It was easy to make a mistake and change a lot of data manually etc.

During the changeover to Office 2010, the decision was made that a professional solution was also needed in the area of template management.

Michaela Kläb, IT Manager Training & MS Office Support, and Claudia Angele, IT Senior Support Engineer, were the driving forces behind and responsible for the project. “More than 500 templates, in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, different locations, templates in German and English, …the amount of work involved in making changes to the templates simply exploded,” says Michaela Kläb about the initial situation.

Template management already existed before DOCUNIZE™ was introduced. However, at that time all templates were listed in a directory with corresponding subfolders to which the respective departments had access. In order to make it easier for users to work with the templates, corresponding macros were also created so that it was possible to automatically fill the templates with signature data, for example.

Competence decides – already at the presentation

The search for a suitable system was based on personal recommendations but also on Google search. In the end, three products were examined more closely, one of which was DOCUNIZE™. In the end, however, DOCUNIZE™ convinced us – not only because of the features it offers and its easy handling. One of the decisive factors was the competence of the product presentation on site. Here, COC AG had sent two DOCUNIZE™ developers – i.e. designated experts – to the presentation appointment. This way, detailed and technical questions could also be clarified right on the spot.

Training on a very large scale

After a four-month test phase, the go-live took place in November 2012. At that time, around 1,500 users had already been trained in DOCUNIZE™, having completed the DOCUNIZE™ training as an integrated training module as part of the changeover training to Office 2010.

And the future?

Ms Kläb and Ms Angele still have a lot of plans. “On the one hand, the HR templates are to be integrated into DOCUNIZE™ in the medium term. DOCUNIZE™ already offers the prerequisites for this – an access restriction to certain groups. “Our wish list will continue to grow in the future. It’s good that DOCUNIZE™ is constantly developing and thus our requirements are met.”

And so it is said time and again: Isn’t there also something from DOCUNIZE™?


The satisfaction of the user is always the central objectiv. If the user does not get along with the system, if it does not simplify his work, then a tool will not be used.

DOCUNIZE™ simplifies working with templates, saves time by automatically incorporating profile data into the templates. No reworking, no correcting. And accidentally reaching for the wrong template is also largely ruled out.


3.100 employess in Germany
approx. 2000 DOCUNIZE™ users
3 locations: Ulm, Blaubeuren/Weiler, Berlin

more than 500 templates
Templates in 2 languages

templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Implementation period:
July until October 2012

Testing phase: 4 months


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