DOCUNIZE™ 2022 SR-2 Full-Package

Change List (excerpt)

Update with important corrections to DOCUNIZE™ 2022 SR-1 and RTM. The update is cumulative and includes all changes from previous versions. List of the most important changes:

Component Description Feature
Azure Cloud Support We have introduced some improvements that optimise/prepare DOCUNIZE™ for operation in the Azure Cloud environment::
– Logon option and account selection for Azure AD accounts in the client
– Azure AD as authentication option for DOCUNIZE™ WebSync Server
– Connection of local/on-prem domain controllers for Azure AD joined VMs
Textmodules Fixed the error that the DOCUNIZE™ text modules are not available when reopening a document. FIX
Signatures Bug fixes and optimisations in the creation of email signatures. FIX
Excel Fixed a bug that could cause Excel to crash on startup under certain circumstances. FIX

A complete list of changes and fixed problems can be found in the changelist. Notes on installation and updating existing installations can be found in the manual. “Installation + Update”.

Size: 404 MB
Version: 9.0.6616
Published: 27. March 2023