Features & System Requirements

DOCUNIZE? has a wide range of features.

All functionalities are designed for increased efficiency, cost savings, flexible usability and quality improvement.


  • Manage and call templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates as well as other document types
  • Template grouping, template filtering and categorization


  • Favorites list
  • Template search
  • Deliver email signatures for Microsoft Outlook
  • offline availability
  • Working with different profiles/roles
  • Multi-language capability of the end user frontend
  • Web Client for mobile devices (Android, iOS)
    • Graphical administration tool
    • Modular template structure
    • Multi-language capability for templates
    • Dynamic Content (ActiveDirectory-, Profile- & Document fields)


  • Template identification with metadata
  • Flexible definition of template filters and categorization
  • Central definition and assignment of individual e-mail signatures
  • Enable functions on the clients
  • Synchronization of profile data
  • central, global distribution of templates
  • template in databases
  • Flexible Active Directory Interface
  • Microsoft SharePoint interface
  • Reporting of template usage
  • .NET technology with compatibility to future Microsoft Office and Windows versions
  • Optimized for use with terminal server
  • Using the current Microsoft Office format (Office Open XML)
  • Full Microsoft Windows and Office compatibility
  • regular program updates
  • Professional product support (telephone, web, mail)

System Requirements

  • Client: Microsoft Office 2010 to 2019 / Office 365 in Semi-Anual Channel
  • Microsoft Windows 7 up to Windows 10
  • Backend: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to 2019

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