DOCUNIZE™ supports in the office environment. Not only end users and IT administrators, but also QM managers, the legal department, marketing staff, template editors…

… for the end user

    • Saving of time by easiest provision for the user (favorites, grouping, filtering, search,…)
    • Save time by automatically filling in the templates with personal data (name, e-mail, address, etc.)


  • Availability of templates on the go and offline

… for template administration (IT administrator, editor)

  • Quick and easy mass changes of templates
  • Avoidance of redundancies in the templates by modular template structure
  • Edit directly in the Office products – no proprietary editor
  • No programming at all – VBA-free templates
  • Allways compatible with the latest Windows and Office version

… for management, QM, Marketing… for management, QM, Marketing</strong

  • High legal certainty through prompt, fast and centralized change
  • Continuous corporate design when using templates
  • Email signatures or single text modules in the templates can be used for advertising purposes (e. g. announcement of events or product launch)


  • high volume of originals
  • with high compliance and/or QM requirements
  • with several locations
  • with support for multiple languages
  • with differentiated brand structure
  • with many mobile/external employees
  • with great dynamics of change